Crypto believes in bitcoin.

At we emphasize the use of cryptocurrency by offering a 20% discount on orders for clientele who wish to pay that way. Cryptocurrency offers a more customizable, more controllable form of money founded in the philosophies of liberty and privacy. This technology provides us with an advantage in the utility of money and we believe it has the potential to do the same for everyone. We encourage people to learn more by doing original research for themselves in an effort to determine why, how, and in what ways cryptocurrency can address personal or business challenges.

When considering all the costs, including with regards to privacy and finance, it is neither easy nor cheap to use a bank. We strive to provide a fluid interactive experience on our website for the procurement of controversial or experimental medicine and banks work purposefully to mitigate and disrupt the aspects of confidentiality that a technology like bitcoin provides. The solutions to surveillance and financial sovereignty are not simple however we believe that they begin with the natural laws of cryptography which have allowed for a system like bitcoin, wherein which nobody can restrict your participation or curb your autonomy.

Though it can be a challenge, getting into bitcoin can be exciting and liberating. There are several ways to acquire bitcoin that generally range the spectrum between cheap to expensive, private to public. It is not always a comfortable experience onboarding cryptocurrency mostly due to issues surrounding and related to your banking institution. Online cryptocurrency exchanges can be dangerous to use the easier a service offers the purchase of bitcoin, most often the more expensive it will be. Below are some examples that a cursory internet search should turn up solid resources for:

  • Bitcoin ATMs (hardware that allows for the direct purchase of bitcoin located in public spaces)
  • Peer to Peer Exchanges (services like or Bisq that facilitate the direct exchange of dollars to bitcoin)
  • Online Exchanges (services like or that allow users to trade on a market) will continue to offer our products to as many Canadians as possible; cryptocurrency makes it easier for us to service our clientele. We will provide exclusive promotions to clientele who use cryptocurrency, and we will continue to offer new products that are available for cryptocurrency only. We look forward to helping address your questions and concerns regarding this subject, and we wish you an enlightened 2019!

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