Bitcoin Blackout

Q) What is the Bitcoin Blackout? And when can I purchase with Interac e-Transfer again?

A) The Bitcoin Blackout is Mungus’ way of saying we support cryptourrency and we think you should too. All sales must be paid with cryptourrency; all Interac e-Transfers that are sent will be cancelled. The earliest opportunity to pay with Interac e-Transfers will be June 13.

Q) Why is this happening? I require access to this medicine.

A) The product is still available, and so is cryptocurrency. Our philosophy regarding cryptocurrency is best summarized here.
At some point to start using Interac e-Transfers you had to start an account. Bitcoin is the same but different. You must start a “wallet” and then buy bitcoin and have it sent to that wallet. Once you own bitcoin, you have access to open, borderless, neutral, public, censorship resistant money; you can be your own bank.

Q) How can I get some bitcoin?

A) You must purchase bitcoin in order to own it. Once you own it, like money, it can be spent. There are many ways to acquire bitcoin; you must always do your own research when it comes to spending money online and buying bitcoin is no different. It is very important to satisfy your own judgment and practice discernment.

Q) Can you make an exception for me? Just this once?

A) No exceptions. We appreciate your support!

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